BSN's Believe in U Program

BSN's Believe in You is an episodic series designed to educate students and staff about the incredible power of believing in yourself, despite the challenges and trials that life may present. Hosted by Kevin Atlas, and starring personalities from around the country who have overcome personal challenges to accomplish the extraordinary.

Season 1

Episode 1 – Kevin Atlas Laue

Kevin Atlas Laue tells us that if you believe in yourself, the world will fall in line. His story encourages us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That is how we change the world: one gesture, one effort at a time, together. Imagine a school or even a community where everyone is devoted to doing their best and supporting each other. Speak up or lend a hand, and see where it takes us together.


Episode 2 - Mark Henry

At a young age, Mark Henry used weightlifting as an escape from his difficult home life. When he learned showing up is half the battle, he started replacing whining and complaining with hard work. He believes it is his responsibility to teach others to aspire to excellence at all costs. It is up to us to decide how hard we are going to work.


Episode 3 - Dude Be Nice

President and head dude Brent Camalich created Dude Be Nice, a company dedicated to celebrating the heroes of everyday life. He finds people who are behind the scenes, working hard and making a difference. These people never brag about their efforts and never ask for anything them in return. Who do you know that reflects these same selfless qualities? In your own way, let them know they are appreciated.


Episode 4 - St. Jude

The physical pain Adam experienced during his treatments was almost unbearable. The isolation he endured made the situation even worse. Adam’s harrowing journey inspired him to help others who are suffering through St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We must take the time to recognize a person who is suffering or choose an organization that matters to us, and then go find a way to help.


Episode 5 - Allison Schmitt

Early in her swimming career, Allison Schmitt was consumed by fear and nerves. She learned to turn those emotions into excitement and drive. Even with all of the Olympic medals she earned, she soon found herself stifled by fear again. She found courage and strength to face her illness and ask for help. What stands between you and success? What is keeping you from reaching your potential?


Episode 6 - Tivy High

Zack and his family had been suffering for many years when the Make a Wish Foundation sent them on his dream vacation where he rode a roller coaster for the first time. Zack was so grateful for this experience and for his family’s renewed spirit that he found a way to give back and show his eternal gratitude. He then inspired an entire school community to discover the rewards of giving back, giving thanks and focusing on unity. Who do you know that deserves some appreciation or a gift of service? Find that person and make a difference.


Episode 7 - Noelle Tsunami

Through her challenges, Noelle declared, the underlying theme of her life is love. Real value in life comes from unconditional, genuine and compassionate interactions. While people look for those meaningful interactions in social media, Noelle says social media is not the place for validation, though it can be a source for positive connections and inspiration. This month, delete one or more of your social media apps and replace it with in-person acts of love and compassion.


Episode 8 - Special Kneads And Treats

Mike and Tempa Kohler built Special Kneads and Treats Mike and Tempa with a mission. They give real value and purpose to people with special needs. Feeling included is a most basic human desire. Reach out today. Include someone who is typically left out or isolated. You never know when a small gesture could make a big difference in the life of another. Your challenge is toind your calling. It leads us to success and defines who we will become. Reflect on these lessons and respond.


Episode 9 - Season Finale

Adversity is the one common factor that connects all of the Believe in You videos. In each of the stories, the main character faces adversity, and as Kevin points out, they can either choose strength or they can shut down and give up. Kevin teaches us that persevering through hard times is what helps us find our calling. It leads us to success and defines who we will become. Reflect on these lessons and respond.